Press brakes are heavy equipment that need special lifting and carrier

Delivery is made by a third party carrier. Delivery times vary according to the place of delivery, the carrier, the availability of the buyer and the seller, and delays in customs clearance, control or force majeure. You can choose your own carrier or you can request that we send you quotes from carriers.

Choose your own carrier

If you have already your own carrier, he will pick up the machine at Levis, QC, Canada at the date that we will have agreed together. Simply choose this option in the order page, we will contact you to save a pick up date.

We send you quotes for carriers

If you don't have your own carrier, we will send you few quotes for the shipping. You'll be free to choose one of them or to choose another carrier. you can validate your cart by choosing the option "Send me quotes for carriers".

Lifting and installation

The carrier deliver the equipment at your door. You need to have the right equipment to lift the machine into your shop. The weight depends on the machine, it varies between 5 000 and 25 000 lbs.

How the lift the Rebel press brakes

There are 2 hooks on each side of the machine. As the machine has a high center of gravity, the front side is heavier than the backside. Be cautious about balance of the machine, so it will not fall over when you are transporting it with the steel pipe. Lifting fork of the forklift must be in the direction front of the machine. how to lift a press brake


You are responsible for installing the machine. We will send you a document with the foundation installation, and the list of the material and electrical installation you need for the press brake. We are available by email or phone to help you in case of trouble.